Residential Tree Trimming & Removal Service

Tree Trimming


Our specialty at Carlson Tree Service is customized tree trimming services. Three generations of collective experience allows us to envision what your trees will look like, and how they will grow following a trimming. Sometimes this foresight enables us to recommend against a removal; nothing makes us more proud of our job than giving a tree a second chance.

We also take pride in finding ways to meet the needs of both our customers and their trees. With every tree that we care for, we take into consideration factors such as:

  • Mitigating disease susceptibility by trimming at optimal times of the year

maintaining best-practice pruning techniques that help cuts to heal well,

  • Pursuing the least invasive approach possible

As an advocate for your tree’s health, we will be the first to inform you that your tree trimming request should probably wait until dormancy or that the requested trimming may compromise the health of your tree.

Having done our due diligence, trimming your trees is a pleasure for us to do for you. Our professional climbers are efficient, technically skilled and physically agile enough to access the most difficult canopies, allowing you a low-impact, customized trimming of any tree. In addition, as a year-round tree care company, Carlson Tree Service will schedule your trimming/pruning at the best time for your tree.


Home orchard and ornamental trees can easily be considered the “domesticated animal” of the urban forest scene. We often plant them in close proximity to one another, and manage them for their productive or aesthetic value, such as fruit bearing, beauty, and symmetry. Because of these demands, regular and active management is most often necessary and very effective. Most of our pruning is done without power tools, but rather with sharp hand implements which allow us to make precise cuts in the right places to promote fast healing.

Pruning of fruit-bearing trees is both an art and a skill. Generally speaking, Carlson Tree Service prunes for structural health first, and then for aesthetic appeal. The result is a tree with a less congested canopy, a stronger frame to support fruit load, fewer fungal issues, and more fruit! A little maintenance more often is always better for these trees than a lot of maintenance once in a while. If you like, we are happy to set up a regular maintenance plan for your home orchard and ornamental trees, ensuring consistent attention that will keep them in good shape for years to come.

Carlson Tree Service can handle all your tree-related needs including tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, brush and debris removal and tree care. Contact us by clicking here, or call (231) 421-1885.