Residential Tree Trimming & Removal Service

Tree Care

analyzing tree budThe right tree care can make all the difference. Much like blood pressure and temperature are the common vitals used to determine the basic health of humans, we like to start with a soil sample to help us identify soil deficiencies. Once we’ve determined whether your trees are adequately nourished, we can more easily identify other reasons for decline. Tree diseases are not uncommon here in Northern Michigan, nor are the insect pests that are capable of causing severe decline or death of your trees. In most cases early diagnosis is the key to avoiding the loss of a loved tree. Let us help you become more familiar with the health of your trees, and if necessary, initiate an action plan, such as fertilization, antifungal/pesticide injections, or a much-needed pruning.

Carlson Tree Service can handle all your tree-related needs including tree trimming and pruning, tree care, tree removal, as well as brush/debris removal. Contact us by clicking here, or call (231) 421-1885.